SMILEY. (2024)

A young man who is a patient in an insane asylum has an intimate attraction with a doll named Smiley. After having a dinner with Smiley that goes wrong, the man's mental problems display themselves.


Directed by Jeremy Byers & Michael DePiro

1/2/20241 min read

Created for the 100 Hour Film Race in Atlanta, GA, SMILEY. follows a young patient in a mental institution attempting to have dinner with his beloved doll. After bringing up his dark past, his mental disorder causes him to rage, injuring his doll in the process.

We wrote, shot, edited, and submitted this film within the 100 hour time slot we were given, with 50 hours to spare. The film race requires you to complete a film with three elements within 100 hours. "What impresses is the time that it took to create this. We were able to bring this production to life in two days, and it was so well executed by our team.", said Executive Producer Michael DePiro upon the film's completion. The elements for this contest were the following:

THEME: Madness

PROP: A Doll

ACTION: Coughing

These elements are revealed at the start of the time to prevent contestants from getting a head start.

SMILEY. was accepted into the Top 10 in this international competition. The results will be announced on Feb. 15th 2024 at the premiere of the films, you can watch and support us LIVE on FilmRacing's Facebook Page.