Nighthawk (TBA)

An attractive painting instructor, murders his students before painting the location in which he buries the bodies.


Directed by Jeremy Byers

5/2/20242 min read

Nighthawk follows the story of 24-year-old Peyton Pierce, an attractive painting instructor who murders his primarily female students before painting the location in which he buries the bodies. Natalie, a young woman who becomes a student of Peyton's, catches him by surprise and he begins developing feelings for her. As their relationship develops, a detective duo, Vincent and Jackson, are gaining suspicion of Peyton being behind all of these murders.

Nighthawk draws inspiration from the famous 1942 oil painting 'Nighthawks' by Edward Hopper. This painting visualizes loneliness in such a unique way that it has become one of the most recognizable paintings in American art.

This film follows a young painting instructor (Peyton) that murders his students and paints the locations in which he buries them. The emotions that Peyton feels throughout the film can be felt in the painting by Hopper, and much like the nocturnal bird called a Nighthawk, Peyton primarily does his killings at night.

The Characters:


Peyton is very intelligent and speaks using an array of large vocabulary. He remains mostly calm when feeling pressured or stressed. He will often out smart those that are onto him, and will become violent if need be to keep his secrets hidden. He feels no remorse or emotions towards his victims. When he is alone he struggles with his past trauma and can be seen having episodes of rage and mental breakdowns.


Natalie is very supportive of Peyton through his troubles. She does a really great job taking care of him but is oblivious to what he is up to. She is fairly obedient for the most part until the end of the story, and takes Peyton’s word for everything he says.

Det. Vincent:

Vincent Connell has been in the force for some time. Very straightforward approach to every investigation and isn’t fooled too often. He is onto Peyton’s crimes but can’t ever seem to get anything good on him to take him into custody. He’s very convinced only Peyton is responsible for these homicides.

Det. Jackson:

Connel’s partner isn’t revealed until later in the story. But begins taking a vital role in helping Det. Connel think out loud. Jackson thinks of other ways to pin Peyton down other than the methods that Connel suggests.

Pre-Production for this film is still underway. Shooting is expected to take place in the summer of 2024.