Choices (2023)

Two friends stumble upon a young girl being raped. They take matters into their own hands and save her themselves. Left with the consequences of their actions, they have a tough decision to make.


Directed by Jeremy Byers

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We found this script from a writer in New Jersey named Ronald Pergola. Jeremy Byers found this to be a short and fun shoot to tackle. This entire film was managed to be shot in a single day and was the first time Joker Studios utilized actors from out of state.

Shot in February of 2023, Choices was also the first film directed by Jeremy Byers that he had no major influence to the script. The only change Byers' made to the script was the addition of vulgar words into the dialogue. Byers found the original vocabulary outdated and thought the younger generation would use much more colorful words in this situation. "I really just thought the original script was a bit too cheesy, but Ronald was cool about it. He said as long as I don't change the overall vision to his story, I can do whatever, so I respected his wishes." said Byers.

He also expressed his hesitation to filming such a graphic scene, Byers added, "I didn't want to make any of my actors uncomfortable, that was my first concern, Randall and McKenzie were very professional as they approached the scene, and I couldn't have asked for a more respectful crew to shoot with. The scene didn't turn out as intense on screen as it felt shooting it, it was for sure out of my comfort zone at the time."

The script is actually part of a feature length version that hasn't been made yet. There is no certainty that Joker Studios will produce the longer version, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. It appears unlikely for Byers to take on the role of directing the feature if Joker Studios decides to pick it up, as the short failed to achieve anything in it's festival run.

Pergola was happy with the outcome and has praised our team with achieving his vision, and we are certainly not opposed to working with him in the future.

Choices is set to release on December 1st, 2023.